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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 12, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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a ball in the street. or is it? it's designed to make drivers slow down as high-risk intersections. it's a decal on the pavement. reaction has been mixed. some people worried it may cause drivers to swerve and hit something else or become immune to the image and hit an actual child on the roadway. hello, everyone. it's the top ofth the hour. thanks for joining us. there is new questions tonight about the gas main that exploded this week in california. cnn has obtained documents showing as farck back as 2007 t utility pg&e considered a portion of the main that ruptured to have a high risk of the first residents were tsilure. escorted home to see thedamage. four people were killed.
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six are still missing. ted rollins joins us with the latest on that. imagine seeingthat up close ande ersonal, what once were your >> reporter: absolutely, don. possessions. we went with a couple that went baa to their home. their house is just two houses d away from area of destroyed homes. on saw the images television. they were speechless on their balcony looking over the sheer devastation of what used to be their neighborhood. pretty emotional day up there. >> just looking at all this. i -- i saw this from the news. but being here and the first time coming up here and looking at all this, it was just there's no words. i can't really explain. >> and residents who lost thr homes, don, we should tell you, they're not going to be allowed
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back for some time. investigators are sifting through the ash.ok they're looking for human remains of those still missing. it will be a while before they get back to see what is left, if anything, of their homes. >> we have s people still missing. the police department reported they found human remains. they believe it was two remains. they weren't sure if it was human or what. do we have any new information on that? >> i talked to the coroner. he said they should have more informatn in the next day two. they're testing the fregmentes they they're finding small piecese o what they believe are human remains. it's a long process. we should get more information in the next few days.
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>> it's not unusual to hear about explosions and gasonexplo. but one really this big. and a lot of displaced people. and they're not alling the in their homes, ted. so what are they doing for those people? are they putting themn hotels as far as compensation, salaries, what's happening. >> well, they are being taken care of well. they came out and gave them assistance for their own living outside. they're not allowed to come bk and look at what used to be their homes. they know they need assistance in the short term and the long term. so they are getting money to provide themselves with shelter and necessity. short-term, they are being taken
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care of quite well accordsing to everybody. >> ted rowlands, thank you,st s. this blast made you wonder about safety in your own neighborhood. the hidden dangers that lie underground. we'll tell you how you can find out about the risks near you. and just in. a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for a loveland colorado neighborhood to escape a wildfire that has burned more than 600 aes. and our affiliate reports it destroyed a home and several other structures. there's been no containment of this fire. fire officials don't know how many homes are threatened. but they say there are at least 100 in the area. come weatherre allowed the ffirefighters to contain much o another massive wildfire near boulder, colorado. they hope to have it under control in the next few days. it's burned more than 6,400 res destroyed 170 homes.
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after a false start, iran feis offering to release one of three american hikers. but it comes at a cost. sarah shourd's lawyers say she could go free as early as tonight. but iran wants half a million dollars in bail money first. iranian officials have flip-flopped on this decision in the past few susan candiotti following all the developments for us. what's the very latest? >> hi, don. tonight the families, as they have been for the lainst 13 months, are leaning on each other for support. to the tune of half million dollars. there's a whole new set of complication. iran's official news agency reports shane bauer and josh fatal are being charged with spying. among those sorting through all of this is the swiss ambassador. since the s. has no diplomatic
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ties, the swiss government will be the intermediary here. >> when i saw the amount of baio money, does the family that v that kind of bail money? can cash be handed over like that? >> first of all, it's unclear where the money would come from. tonight the families are keeping quiet about everything. whether they come fm other sources, not knwn. as far as trade sanctions. it could be worked out with waivers. others are raising questions on how do you pay money to a designated terrorist nation? >> is the state department or the white house saying anything about the latest issues here? >> the state department spokesman says we're in a wait and see mode. we want all three peopl released and returned. later this month the un again
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assembly meets here in new york. that increases speculation that the president might bring the hikers with him. the families have been urging him for a humanitarian release. we'll have to see. >> more faout from a florida pastor's call to burn korans. he canceled the plans. that t hasn't stopped the protes around the world. we'll take a look at why they're taking aim at the gop. this is your chance to become part of the show. i know i say it all the time. we really do want you to be part of the show. you can get us at all the social networking sites there. i like your comments. ooh! here we go. what?
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they are still energized. they are still on the move. tea party activists gathered for march on traight washington. their bottom line, the federal government is too big, and it spends too much. today's theme was remembering november, a reference to the upcoming elections and their vow tofe defeat member who is ignor their protests. there's already speculation about how it could change congress. former senate republican leader trent lott w on state of the union with candy crowley. he says victorious tea party leaders have an agenda. >> they want to do something about bad legislation, more regulations,oo much spending, too much gtaxation. they want to get something de. they need to be the leadersble
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to work with the people that come into the house and senate. it's not a matter of trying to get them to change their position. they're going to bring enthuse yach and pressure into washington. that's good. i think the leadership has to learn very quickly to work with them and turn it into positive energy. i believe they will. i think that john boehner, as the next speaker will do athat. mitch mcconnell and jon kyl will do it in the senate. >> time for a cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on the latest headlines on the ticker. he said coach put mein because he's part of the best political team on television. mark preston swroins us now. take it away. >> it's sunday a lot of people e getting ready for the week. especially candidates in eight states.
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three in particular, don, i'm looking at. the first state is in new hampshire. there's a contested republican primary for that. open seat up there as well as the house seat up there in new hampshire. we're keeping a very close eye. coming down to delaware. a very, very divisive race in the republican party. we have a tea party candidate helping out by christine o'donnell. she's running against mike castle. things are nasty in delaware. where i'm sitting heren washington, d.c., there's a fight for the mayor's race here. the current mayor a close frnd of barack oba up against the ropes right now. has a very difficult re-election. we'll find out on tuesday night. come back here. we'll have coverage all night. moving on, don, on wednesday after the rye mare, the republican national committee opens up a 48-state bus tour. michael steele is going to get on the bus and take it all around the country. he's going to rally candidates.
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they're calling it the fire pelosi bus. they have their own red hats. we're talking about taxes. politics and policy coming together. boehner says he would te for a democratic tax proposal. this is the big policy story out of the sunday talk shows. john boehner saying he would vote for a democratic proposal if it's the only proposal on the table before the november elections, don. a lot going on on sunday. >> i thought it was a boxing glove at first. it's a baseball cap. john boehner said if president obama is serious about job creation, there's a clear wa forward. that's to come together and pass legislation that cuts spending to 2008 levels for the next year. it goesing on. his comment this morning asell on television spark ad lot of back and forth this afterno. what is this all about?
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the republican party needs to sound like they're trying to work with the administrati. there's a lot of argument that they've offered no solutions. republicans would argue otherwise. republicans are going to win in november, they can't be the party of no. they have to be the party of solutions. house republicans will roll out what they call the contract with america or something similar to that within the next couple weeks. >> mark preston is part of the best politic tevision. i really like the way you do eg this segment. nice job. thank you, sir. we're keeping a close eye on the tropics as hurricane igor gains strength. it's small, but it's very strong. it's now a category fouray stor. is it on the way to t he u.s.? plus, unsettling news from
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heland security secretary net napolitano says the united states will never be completely immune to terror rsthreats. nineitears later napolitano tells cnn the u.s. isenfer now than it was then. but she says there's no 100% guarantee the country will not be a attacked again. at least two people were killed in afghanistan while protesting against a florida pastor who had planned to burn the koran. security forces opened fire to prevent the crowd of 600 people from storming government offices. protestsver the burning had
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started in afghanistan before pastor terry jones abandon his plan. four other demonstrators were also hut. >> denmark raised the terror threat level after an incident involving this man. here he is in a copenhagen hotel on tuesday. on friday he was injured iosn a explosion at a bathroom in the hotel that he triggers. the man who was carrying identity papers for three countriehas denied attempting to explode a bomb or carrying an illegal weapon. a massive man hunt is under way near the u.s. mexico border. 85 inmates scaled a prison wall. many of the escapees are believed to be drug cartel members or hit men. two guards are also missing. dozens of other guards are being questioned in the largest prison
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break in mexico's history. the fourth hurricanese of t season has now reached category four status. igor is in the atlantic. the warm waters and ideal wind conditions have helped it grow stronger. i want to ask jacqui jeras about the intensity of this storm and how much we should worry about it. we should be worried to a degree. you asked me, why do we care about igor? >> fir first of all, it is a major storm. winds of 140 miles per hour is s something to be concerned about. the other concern is the location it's in. it's i the middle of the open waters, but storms that send to track in the similar area have a one in ten chance of making u.s. landfall. here is an impressive stormn the satellite. it's a very symmetrical storm.
7:20 pm
it's moving in a westerly we still have several days before it gets close to land. the forest track brings it north of the antilles. with this powerful of a storm, it will certainly bring wave action. if y have travel plans out in to the u.s. virgin islands or puerto rico, that's something you'll be watching. most computer models bring it closer to bermuda than the united states, butut this far o in time, don, we're talking at least a week before it could get close to the u.s. it's too close to call. too ose for comfort. >> keep monitoring that for us. we were just in new orleans last week talking about hurricane katrina. you never know. keep a watchful eye. thank you, jacqui jeras. three days after a gas line fire killed four people and devastated a suburb, how safe is your neighborhood? i'm wondering.
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the tragic gas explosion in california is focusing attention what lies kunderground. the massive network of pipelines that transport oil and gas all over the country. there's 2.3 millioniles of them down there.
7:24 pm
just how old are these pipes? how old are they? how safe is your neighborhood? stan weis is a member of the public georgia service commission. thanks for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> i believe theipelines here were put in place like in 1945. that long ago. so how old are the oil and gas pipelines for the most part in the country? >> in the country there is an aging infrastructure. they are upgrading in georgia. in the last decade we replaced 90% of the infrastructure in our state. in other parts of the country they have not beens aggressi aggressive. it's still a safe delivery system. >> so what's being done around the country to address the issue? >> it's a partnership with thel localju jurisdiction, the electc company and the federal
7:25 pm
jurisdiction. >> oh my gosh. that explosion. we live in an old historic neighborhood. what kinds of questions should we be asking city and state officials about this? >> clearly, you need to ask how old is the infrastructure? how olare the pipes? have they been replaced? are they beingy replaced? pay attention in that way. at the same timed, you can go ahead and always be an observant citizen as well. >> we talked about the gas pipelines that run under the country. look at that. we said 2.3 million miles of them under us. most of them, the bulk of them in louisiana and texas. we get a lot of oil from there. so look at all this. and we cover these stories all the time about gas explosions. you don't know. we always say in the news, could it happen here?
7:26 pm
it could. >> jurisdictions are working so hard to upgrade the aging systems. that's what we do and many other states with appropriate leadership can do. but there's a cost associated with it. so if there's an aging infrastructure and it's a 60-y 70-year-old system, then you have to look to utilities. you have to look to the state public service office. >> you smell .gas, natural gas. it's the additive they put in gas you smell. you smell it all the time and don't think twice. so what do you do if you smell gas? more peopline are going to be calling saying i smell gas. >> smell gas, act fast. call 911. if you smell gas. get it done. there e appropriate measures in our we are aggressive appropriate measures areip called. our pipeline safety division is
7:27 pm
called. the utility is called. the first responders on the scene will react and quick ly to any incident to make the area safe and take care of public safety. >> great information. it's a conversation our viewers need to hear. a lot of people are concerned about it. we smelled zbas, no one did anything. we'll see. thank you, we appreciate it. >> i'm glad to be here. >> make sure to watch us tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll tell you how to find the pipelines in your neighborhood. join us tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. it's a controversy that swept the nation. across the country there's no shortages of opinions about what should be done coming up in tonight's cover story. we take a fresh look at the imam, the builder, and the backlash. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood.
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7:31 pm
center. o somewhere else? >> the imam has spoken. >> how do you propose we do it? >> this, as you know, has caused tremendous problems among many people at the highes levels. >> how did we get to this point? cnn documents the story of the imam. >> nothing is off the table. >> the builder. >> there is a need. it's supply and demand. >> and the backlash. >> all you people heren' yellin at me don't even know. que were built, then you guys would know what islam was about. >> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. welcome to this week's cover story. because a controversy over the proposed islamic center took so many twists and turn this is week, and because it shows no sign of letting up, our goal is to take a fresh look at this story. so not only on the imam behind the center, whose interview this week was so closely watched, be
7:32 pm
on other key players and voices as well. we turn to deborah feyerick who lab on thhse story for months. we askedke her to take a walk fm ground zero to the site of the proposed islamic center to give us a better, richer el for the place we're talking about, and the developments that got us here. >> we're here at ground zero. a lot of progress being made, buildings going up, the memorial and the museum well under way to being completed within the t ne ar for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. two blocks north of here is the site of the proposed islamic center. it is so cse that landing gear from one of the hijacked planes landed on its roof too many. we're going to begin our walk. i'll step a stopwatch. new york city's mayor michael bloomberg was very behind the project, as was the community
7:33 pm
board. there are alot of office buildings and industrial spaces. what it is missing are residential amenities like a community center. the proposed islamic community center would provide a pool, theater, meeting places. that's why many peoplen new york city were firmly behind the project. however, at a hearing to decide whether to determine it landmark status, it began as something political but ended up as something filled with raw emotion. >> my family died that day. >> it was a meeting filled with pain, sorrow and outrightanger. many came to say no to building a mosque near ground zero.ik others like dana, who lost an aunt and t friends on 9/11 came to say it's the right thing to do. and alyoueeople here yelling at me don't even know. maybe if a mosque were built then youw guys would know what istan was about. >> for three hours tempers
7:34 pm
flared on both sides. >> this is a carefully planned effort on the part of radical islamists. >> it's called islam phobia. >> new york city's planned reservation commission took it all in. >> it would be a terrible d mistake to destroy 154-year-old building in order to build a monument to terrorism. >> i'm ashameto be an american today. >> a muslim-american reminded the crowd people from many countries and religions died on 9/11. >> anyone has a doubt, this is my american passport. >> rosalen spoke on behalf of her other, a firefighter who ing those in av s the towers. and i am notu racist, thank you. half ha block from ground zero, this steel cross from the original world trade center tower, it was found standing two days afr the original attacks.
7:35 pm
the landmark preservation committee decided that in fact the building was north worth saving, so the forr warehoused and burlington coat factory can be torn down so the mose can be built from the ground up. i spoke to prominent well placed muslims. they told me they feel they were shut out of the process. that the imam and the developer the larger d out to nation wids muslim community to get their feedback. now the people are dealing with the backlash from all of this. one person said to me, when he found out, yore building a what, what? bid the imam, the developer reach out enough? i spoke to the developer a couple days after the original
7:36 pm
meeting. >> this is where you con seefed the idea? >> yes, it is. this is a stone's throw from the world ade center site. >> this is a muslim-led project. his is anslamic community center that will cater to all of new york >> plans inude a performing arts center, swimming pool, child care facilities and, yes, a muslim prayer space two blocks for the orattacks. >> why not have a prayer space for buddhists or jews? why must it be muslims? >> there are jewishommunity centers all over the country. >> but the jews didn't take down two towers. there are ymca's across the country. >> christians didn't take out the two towers. the overriding question is why
7:37 pm
here? why so close. it's two blocks. it was close enough that landing e roof.ded on t why? >> there's a it's supply and demand. the community wants it. the politicians are supporting it. >> can you guarantee this center will root out extremism or completely reject any extremists? >> 100%. we will not tolerate extremism. we will not tolerate extremisex >> will you reject any money that comes directly or indirectly from any person, any country, any organization, any corporation that has any links to terrorism? >> we are going to bexe doing extreme due diligenc we are going to hire the best
7:38 pm
security experts in the country to walk us through the process. >> the cnn cover stories returns in a moment with deborah rick. and we talk to people who know imam feisal. >> why is that an option off the table now? >> nothing is off the table. ir . ir . how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus? can be unsettling. but what if there were a different story? of one financial company thagrew songer through the crisis. s when some lost their way, this company led the way.
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welcome back, everyone. to thenn cover story. the imam, the builder and the backlash. before we bring you the most fascinating parts of this week's conversation, we return to deborah feyerick on her walk from ground zero to the site of the imam's proposed islamic center. >> so here we are two blocks away from ground
7:42 pm
you can see that police car. that building is expected to bi torn down. it will be a little higher than the one next to it or even the one across the street. so in order to sit and we'll comeut here a little bit into the street, you're really going to have to be standing right here. again, this is two blocks. walking at a normal pace it takes less than 60 seconds to get here. the imam at the center that you're going to hear from in a little bit, he said, how do you know what this would have done, the backlash that it would have caused, he would have considered not building this proposed islamic center where it was suppose e expected to go up.
7:43 pm
people who know imam feisal say he's a voice of moderation. the state department. >> his work on tolerance of religious diversity is well know. >> john espisito. >> how would you describe him? sis he a threat? >> he is mr. mellow. >> imam feisal is a muslim at e other end of the muslim spectrum from the radical theology that feeds groups like al qaeda. >> he is a suffi in background, which means prceiving a more mythical path. he'sterr somebody who would fin terrorism and religious extreme as abhorrent. he's run a mosque in this area for years and years. >> that mosque is ten blocks und zero and has coexisted peacefully in the t
7:44 pm
tribeca area for 28 years. >> he's integrated himself into the community. >> according to his biography, he was born in kuwait in 1948 into an egyptian family steep into education. he founded the nonprofit for muslim advancement. the mission described on the website as strengthening an authentic expression of islam based on cultural harmony through interfaith collaboration, youth and women's empowerment. sever years later he founded the institute to improve relations between the muslim world and the west, writing how american muslims can help bridge the vide. the state department noted. >> he is often asked to speak at meetings like the world economic forum. he was criticized after 9/11 for
7:45 pm
saying u.s. support of repressive regimes was partly responsible for the attacks, but maintained his remarks on "60 minutes" was taken out of context. he says he can't condemn hamas as terrorists. as for the proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero, he says at, too, is about bridges. the planner still have to raise about $100 million for the proposed islamic center and mosque. so how this gets resolved, when it gets resolved, it's still many months, if not years away. deborah feyerick, cnn, two blocks north of ground zero. >> in a moment, a maer of conflict resolution sees a window of opportunity the rest of us may be missing. . hoo? omnaris. [ man ] did you know nasalymptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation?
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now the imam. on the cnn cover story we're aware news develops so quickly it's easy to forget how a particular story began. that's why we're showing an excerpt of the interview with imam feisal abdul he raufi wt here. >> when did you settle upon thio location, which is just about two blocks north of ground zero, for you new cultural center? why that particular spot? >> first, i must rind everybody that i have been an imam of a mosque just ten blocks from that spot. i've been serving the neighborhood for the last quarter of a century. >> so why that particular spot? >> well, what happened was the owner of soho properties, a member of my congregation has noticed how the need for prayer space has expanded.
7:50 pm
he felt a commitment to do something for his community. he found thisparticular building. he negotiated it, quired it and offered it for us to use and to establish aat would be the space for a vision that i've had for over decade of 15 almost 20 years. to establish a space that embodies the fundamental beliefs that we have as jews, christians and muslims, which is to love our god and to love our neighbor. to build a space where we have a culture of worship. and atworship. and athe samtime get to know each other and to forge personal bonds. because that's how society, how community is built. and how we can create something, a snowball, to push back against the radical discourse that has justse hijacked the discourse i
7:51 pm
our country and in much of the world. >> wouldn't it further the goal of peemaking, and you've talked a lot about it, to move it? why is that an option that's off the table now? >> nothing is off the table, soledad. >> it's not off the table? >> we are consulting and talking to various people about how to do this so that we negotiate the best and the safest option. as i mentioned -- >> what are those conversations like? what's on the table? >> the biggest issue is a national security issue. >> how do you pull out without looking like you've lost? >> without making it look like -- without making it look both in this country and in the muslim world, you must remember, soledad, and americans must remember, that what we dohe ils watched all over the world. all over the world. and we are very engaged with the muslim world. very engaged. and our security is really
7:52 pm
number one. our national security, our personal security, is extremely important. and this issue has become now a national security issue. d, therefore, in our conversations, in our decision making process, we have to weih in, many factors. and that has been dominant ang them. >> there are plenty of muslims as i've been doing research who've said this debate does not help us. this debate makes thing more dangerous for us. this debate hurts us, what's happening at ground zero. >> there is no doubt that this has become such a situation. and i am deeply sensitive to that and very a concerned about that. and, you know, had i known this would happen, we certainly would ner have done this. >> you would never have picked that wspot? >> we would not have done something that would create more divisiveness. >> we wanted t get a fresh
7:53 pm
perspective over how this conflict over the center might get resolved. we went to the man who wrote the book on conflict resolution. "getting to yes" has been standard reading in many law school and diplomacy classes foa years. >> i think we have a real opportunity, actually, to step back from the brink here. the first rule in negotiation is to go to the balconbalcony. in other words, take a breather. this doesn't have to be rolved today. it doesn't have to be'v resolve tomorrow. we've got time. and you take some time to actually think about what's truly important here. because as the old saying goes, when angry, you will make the best speech you will ever regret. so going to the balcony then alws you then to go into a conversationhere the key rule in negotiation is listening. it's all about listening. it's much more about listening than actually about talking. and both sides, not both sides. therare probably many sides here of the situation.
7:54 pm
they need to listen to each other. we need to hear from the imam, from the american-muslim community, from the families of the 9/11 likeictims, from peopl like pastor jones. there are a lot of people whose voices need to be heard to listen -- to listen for what is it that they really want? what's behind their positions? what are their real aspirations, what are their real concerns here to see if you can find some common ground. the single biggest opportunity you have in negotiation once you've gone to the balcony and you've listened is to reframe. in other words, to look at it from a different angle, see if you can expand the pie somehow. so, for example, right now the estion is do we build the community center or don't we with a mosque right next to or near the site of 9/11? you can change the question to, how do we best honor the victims of 9/11? how do we best asnmerican people come together, heal our wounds, work together so that we can prevent terrorism in the future? >> go to the balcony and reframe the issue.
7:55 pm
advice that can app far beyond ground zero. in a elmoment, angelina jol speaks to our very own dr. sanjay gupta on the subject of last week's cover story. >> i met this beautiful older couple who are in their 70s. now they are both dealing with a lot of sicknesas, and, you know as you see in the tape the woman was -- is so embarrassed with her situation. what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ]
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we're going to follow-up right now on last week's cover story. sanjay gupta, m.d.'s journey through the floods of pakistan. soon after that story aired sanj interviewed angelina jolie who spoke to him from kipastan in her role as the personal eoyf othe united nations high commissioner f fugees. 7.5 million pakistanis are homeless from thhiose floods. >> we tend to think of these
7:59 pm
places as er there. somewhere else. not here. but when you go, and i was there as well. you meet people there are real faces and stories behind these crazy high numbers. raymond and zainuel goal are two people you met. >> you go to these places and always say the same things to the viewer, they would be so moved if they were here, and it's so true. and if thet all these children that are so resilient and still children and soull of live and love and hope, and it's so moving. this was very unique for me because i met this beautiful older couple who are in their 70s. and they'd worked their whole lis. the man had been in the pakistani military twice and he had then lived off a pension. with that small pension he'd built a home for his family and grandchild. it was very modest to begin with, but he had something. and now they arboth dealing with a lot of sickness, and, you know, as you see in the as


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